Plantronics HW530 Headset

Výrobce: Plantronics
Kód: N331441
EAN: 5033588043805
Výrobní číslo: 201500-02
Dostupnost produktu: na objednávku
Záruční doba: 24 měsíců

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Technický popis


As calls become more complex and longer than ever, your people need headsets that can help create smarter customer interactions. Now more discreet and lightweight than ever, the EncorePro 530 does just that. Wideband audio is built in from the ground up so your users can expect leading call clarity at a time when all the focus should be on the customer. And with Contextual Intelligence available when connected over softphones, the all-new HW530 can provide the additional insights you need to make your calls even more successful.



Play Time 
Driver Size 
Driver Type 
Frequency Response (Headset)150Hz - 6.8kHz
Sensitivity (Headset)-39 ± 3 dBV/Pa
Impedance (Headset)150 Ohm
Microphone Pickup Pattern 
Frequency Response (Mic)100Hz - 6.8kHz
Sensitivity (Mic) 
Impedance (Mic)150 Ohm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 
Cable Length 
Weight26 g


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